AKC/ASCA Ch Ivory Isles Meets the Criteria
Red Merle C/W

Full Dentition/Scissors Bite

OFA GOOD AS-23225G24M-PI F=14.53%
E141300 DN10952110

Eyes cleared Annually

DNA cataract Clear


Ch Tri-Ivory Return of the King DNA-CP
Blue RF AS-19844G24M-PI F=15.25%


CH Blue Isle The Criticsareraving

Ch Carolinas Rave Reviews

Ch Friends Angel

Ch Tri-Ivory Waterfront Ultima

Ch Tri-Ivory Make A Big Wish

Tri-Ivory Lenox Clarity

Ch Criterias Fly Me To the Moon
Red C/W RF AS-19122G36F-PI F=12.40%

Ch Starswepts Hi Flyin' At Hisaw


Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill

Ch Starswepts Hifalutin of Hisaw

Donnybrooks Harlieanna Sierra

Ch Toppers Ace of Spades

Donnybrooks Good Ship Lollipop

Goldcrest Guilty Pleasure

Black Tri Red Factored
E147761 DN14247702



Full Dentition/Scissors Bite


Elbows- Normal

 Eyes cleared Annually

DNA cataract Clear: AC763

Ch McMatts EZ Victor DNA-CP
Blue C/W AS-12466G25M-T F=29.39%
E84156 DL65428301

Castles Days of Thunder

Ch McMatts Where Theres Smoke

Ch McMatts Sarahs Crystle Castle

Ch McMatts All That Joy

Ch Showtimes Sir Prize CD

Ch Marquis Sun-Up Sarah McMatt

Ch Ragtimes Sabotage
Red Merle C/W AS-17634G28F-PI F=14.47%
E112745 DL86227802

Ch Heatherhill My Waterloo

Ch Heatherhill Grand Marshal

Ch Oprah Winfree of Heatherhill

Ch Merribrooks Put'in On the Ritz

Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude

Ch Windogos Sweet Success